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Hai there :3

2011-10-16 20:50:55 by PsychoPikachu

Hai guys. I'm new 'round here. I thought I should join... and it turns out I'm having a great time!
And I leik Pikachu x3

Hai there :3


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2011-10-16 21:25:19

You know, i like Pikachu for like 5 years right now. It is like a great Pokemon to have for the whole Pokemon universe and also ever since like i have been addicted to Pokemon and i never even heard of the Pokemon games ever since i saw the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl advertisement in 2007. And i never played it on a ROM until July.

PsychoPikachu responds:

I've liked Pokemon ever since I was like, three. Lol. I will never stop leiking Pokemon and Pikachu! :3


2011-10-17 02:47:02

welcome to Newgrounds! :)

PsychoPikachu responds:



2011-10-17 16:18:59

Pokemon Silver is and always will be the best Pokemon game, in my mind, anythign after it never happened.

PsychoPikachu responds:

I like most of the Pokemon games. I don't really like those Pokemon Ranger games, though. I prefer those classic one-on-one battles like Pokemon yellow, red, blue, green, LeafGreen, FireRed, HeartGold, SoulSilver.... etc.


2011-10-17 18:43:06

I can't stand any generation past two because they added too many stupid pokemon that it looks like they just ran out of ideas.

PsychoPikachu responds:

Some ideas are good, though. (Dialgla, Palkia, Jirachi, Arceus.....) I like all of the Pokemon, but I'm not sure I like the Black And White Pokemon. Honestly, there's a Pokemon in Black And White that's a CANDLE!


2011-10-17 20:08:23

Yea Pikachu is pretty cool I guess.

PsychoPikachu responds:

Yup. :)


2011-10-19 11:07:46

welcome to NG!

PsychoPikachu responds:

Thanks! :D


2011-10-19 15:32:20


PsychoPikachu responds:

Uhhh.... sure...